Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia provides a comfortable home where the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our guests and their families are met with compassion, love, and respect.

We are:

  • A social model home for end-of-life care
  • Designed to alleviate the burden families face physically, emotionally, and financially when taking care of a dying loved one
  • Staffed by trained paid staff and volunteers
  • A home for the Community supported by the Community.

More About Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia

We provide loving care for those in their final days and weeks of life, regardless of the financial assistance available through government funding or private insurance. CHHC works with local hospice providers to create a kind, compassionate and peaceful place to find 24-hour care in the last stage of life while helping loved ones begin the process of grieving. 

CHHC was co-founded by two nurses, Dorreen Rardin and Jackie Reed, who have extensive experience in end-of-life care. Throughout their careers, they saw patients who needed end-of-life care but were unable to afford care and had no one to assist them at home at the end of their lives.

Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia team is ready to meet the needs of this important, but often neglected, population within our community.