Nonprofit housing shuffle serves Columbia better

In early 2023, Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia will open its doors ready to fulfill its mission to provide a comfortable home where the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our guests and families are met with compassion, love, and respect.

Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia will occupy 1307 W. Broadway, in Columbia, Missouri.  

Jackie Reed (left) and Dorreen Rardin (right) pose for a portrait outside the future home of Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia.

Nonprofits helping each other

In a chain reaction of moves, Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia plans to take over the home that is currently being used by the St. Raymond’s Society after they move into the home now occupied by the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri. RMH has plans to relocate closer to the University Hospital.

This is a story of three nonprofit organizations in Columbia that are all working together to serve the community.

“For every one of us, our end goal is to help the people we serve,” Mike Hentges, executive director of St. Raymond’s Society, said. “What you have here is three nonprofit organizations in one city that are collaborating to serve our community better.”

“The story of this house is incredible, really,” says Jackie Reed, co-founder for Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia. “There’s a symmetry to this move. St. Raymond’s cares for pregnant women and new mothers. And we will care for community members and their families at the end of their lives. We are bookends. So, this house is a house filled with love. And that’s special.”

Future plans

Floor plan for main level of new house

While an exact date of operation isn’t set, the home will transition from SRS to CHHC in early 2023.

There are currently two rooms that can be used almost immediately once the Caring Hearts and Hands home opens.

Eventually, the basement level could be renovated to offer two additional guest rooms.

A dream realized

This is a crucial step toward fulfilling the CHHC mission.

“It has always been our goal to create a community-based home,” Dorreen Rardin, co-founder for CHHC, said. “A home is a special place. It is a place where people come together and create a community – whether it’s college roommates or more traditional nuclear families. We, very intentionally, want to provide a home and give comfort to those who are in their final days.”