Understanding the Omega Home Network

Omega Home Network logo

There’s so much to know about the social model home. It’s an innovative way to provide care at the end of life, and right now there isn’t such an option in the mid-Missouri area. However, there are others in Missouri and across the country. For a complete list of Omega Home Network members, click here. 

Q: What is the Omega Network? 

A: According to the Omega Home Network website, the Omega Home Network is a non-profit national membership organization that promotes the development and expansion of community homes for dying people.

Q: What does a social model home, like those in the Omega Home Network, provide? 

A: Social model homes are available across the country. They vary in size but provide end-of-life care in a compassionate and respectful community of caregivers. It models a home environment but provides skilled caregivers while linking guests with hospice care. 

Q: Why is Caring Hearts and Hands of Columbia part of this network? A: What CHHC is doing isn’t different from what is happening in other areas of the country. It’s simply new to us. The CHHC founders, both with extensive experience in palliative care, have seen this model work, and know it can help those in mid-Missouri.